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Packing list – Crew

Packing list for the crew

What does the crew pack for a sailing trip?

Everyone knows it for sure – the next – or possibly the first – sailing trip is coming up. Full of anticipation you think about it and suddenly you stand disoriented and haphazard in front of your closet and do not know what to pack.

Don’t pack too much, the skippers tell you, don’t forget anything, you think to yourself.

We have tried to write a packing list that will satisfy both minimalist skippers and those who prefer to pack a bit too much, so that they can go on the boat with a good feeling.

However, before we present it to you, one thing should be said:

Always pack your things on the boat in a soft travel bag. Suitcases are usually hard to stow and then get in the way. Travel bags can be folded relatively small and “hidden” well on the boat.

Conclusion: The skipper is happy – nothing is standing around.

The crew is happy – nothing is in the way AND the skipper is happy.

Here now the general packing list for the perfectly organized boat crew:


No bulky suitcase, but rather a flexible bag or similar is recommended


Travel documents

(Passport, Entry documents, Vaccination certificate, Driver's license, etc.)


(Painkillers, antipyretics, antihistamines, gastrointestinal drugs, etc.).

maybe arrange with crew, so that not everything is 10-fold on board

Bandage material

(Plasters, Disinfectants, etc.)

maybe arrange with crew, so that not everything is 10-fold on board



Cap or similar for sun protection


For the chillier evenings (September)

Light jacket

Suitable for wind and wetness, e.g. sailing jacket, hiking jacket

T-Shirts/Shirts etc.

Both for during the day and for the evening in Konobas


Long and short pants




1 pair with light sole (boat shoes or other casual shoes)

Water shoes

If available, for beach and for on-shore swimming (in Croatia often pebble beach and sea urchins)

Rain wear

Only for emergencies 🙂



Sunglasses / optical glasses

Toilet bag

Shower gel

Seawater shower gel or other biodegradable shower gel

Maybe arrange with the crew, so not everything is ten times aboard.

Hair shampoo

Seawater hair shampoo or other biodegradable hair shampoo

Maybe arrange with the crew, so not everything is ten times aboard.

Salt water towel

(Fresh water towel on board)


Rather no suntan oils, otherwise slippery on board

Travel detergent in tube

As needed

Diving goggles / fins


If needed - can easily be mounted on board


If needed 😉

Games & Reading


12 V chargers

Out and about there is only 12V ports (car cigarette socket or USB).

230 V chargers

At the harbor there's regular 230 V power


or even better: headlamp


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