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Basic Shopping List

Basic shopping list

Basic Shopping List – What is the best basic equipment for a culinarily successful sailing trip?

Everyone is ready for a relaxing vacation on the boat – but then the question arises: What do we actually want to eat? Do we always go out to eat? What if someone gets hungry in between? What drinks do we want to have on board, etc.

Also for this we have summarized a few recommendations in a list for you, to ensure a basic supply on the boat, which hopefully makes every crew member happy.

If you have an easy journey by car, it is recommended to often bring the following things already from home (by plane this is of course not so easy, then just get them on the spot):

  • Oils (olive oil, rapeseed oil …)
  • Mineral water (especially for Croatia, because here the mineral water tastes SALTY)
  • Coffee maker for gas stove (e.g. Bialetti)
  • Coffee ground
  • White wine (wine lovers know why ;))
  • Red wine (wine lovers know why;))
  • Sparkling wine
  • Spices
  • Ice cube molds (are usually not available on the boat)
  • Alcoholic beverages of your choice

In order not to stand haphazardly in the supermarket, here is the shopping list, which has always worked well for us





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