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Sailing Destination Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is a popular sailing destination known for its crystal clear waters and stunning coastline. Experienced sailors and skippers will appreciate the variety of sailing opportunities, ranging from sheltered bays and marinas to open water passages along the stunning Adriatic coast.

When sailing in Croatia, there are several regions to consider:

  • Kornati Islands: This archipelago of over 140 islands and islets is located in the northern part of the central Adriatic near Zadar. The Kornati Islands offer a challenging sailing experience with open water passages, strong winds and currents, and rocky coasts.

  • Dalmatia: This region stretches along the central and southern Adriatic coast and is known for its historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split, as well as its stunning islands, including Hvar and Brač. Sailing here offers a mix of sheltered bays, marinas and open water passages.

  • Istria: Located on the western coast of the Adriatic, this region is known for its rolling hills, vineyards and medieval towns. Sailing here is generally more sheltered, and there are numerous harbors and bays.

  • Northern Adriatic Coast: This region encompasses the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia and offers a mix of open water passages and sheltered bays. While sailing, you will have the opportunity to visit historic cities such as Pula and Rijeka, as well as the stunning islands of Cres and Lošinj.

Overall, Croatia offers a diverse sailing experience for experienced sailors and skippers, with a range of challenges and opportunities for a variety of sailing styles and preferences.

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